Securus Technologies has one of the widest portfolios of services and products in the correctional sphere. The company offers a broad range of services including video visitation, phone services, calling cards, money transfer, email services, and more. The services provided by the firm does not only help the inmates stay in touch with their families and friends, but also assist law enforcement agencies to prevent crimes and catch the culprits. There are many instances where the LBS service by Securus Technologies has helped the law enforcement agencies to stop drug trafficking inside the prison, know who the main culprit is, and catch the major kingpin, which without company’s products would simply not be possible.


Securus Technologies is a Gold Stevie Award winner for the best customer service training team, which showcases the level of commitment it has towards its clients. In a press release the company published online recently, it showcased the excerpts from the letter it receives on a regular basis from the law enforcement officials. They have written in their letter about different incidents where the Securus Technologies’ products and services have helped them with crime prevention and catching the culprit with sufficient evidence to convict them in the court of justice.


Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, also extended the invitation to the potential and existing customers and investors to visit the company’s highly advanced Technology Center in Dallas, Texas, which also serves as the company’s headquarters. It is a move by the firm to bring transparency in its operations and showcase the customers and the investors how excellent the company is regarding its services, management, operational machinery, research and development, and other factors. I have used their services for long and can vouch for their fantastic products and services, which are backed by exemplary customer service as well.


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    Melissa Todd

    The letter shows how thankful the law enforcement and public safety agencies and its staff members are for the services offered by Securus. The fact is that essay writing service has to be exactly what people has done which might not be that far from the truth and I know.

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