UKV PLC Links To Customers Via Social Media

UKV PLC may be growing in popularity across the world but this group of vintners has remained small and specialists in their field as they seek to bring the best possible advice and information about fine wines in terms of collecting, investing, and drinking.

The small size of the team at UKV PLC means each individual client can get the personal service they require when making decisions about which fine wine to enjoy for their own specific reasons.

The high quality of the information provided by UKV PLC is backed up with a move to bring first class information and enjoyment about wine tasting, collecting, and investing to customers and potential customers via the social media presence these U.K. vintners have developed over recent years. A major development for UKV PLC has been the high quality information provided through a Facebook account that tends to bring the latest news and developments for the wine industry to make sure every aspect of enjoying fine wines can be researched at the leisure of customers, clients, and those who simply have an interest in the industry as a whole.

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Across the world followers of UKV PLC can develop their own knowledge of the wine industry with a focus on both the U.K. and the global stage, which can result in a better educated and informed group of clients who can work with UKV PLC experts to develop their wine collections. UKV PLC are looking to highlight the beauty of wines and develop a lifestyle based approach to wine collecting that shows how successful any person can be in creating a fine wine collection.