Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Innovative Projects

On September 3, 2015, American-Statesman reported that traffic congestion was expected to be a major problem in Austin. Statesman also added that a tech solution was necessary to solve the problem. Mike Heiligenstein thanked Statesman for recognizing the critical challenge and said that numerous resources were necessary to solve traffic problems. Mike said their works at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is to provide mobility solutions. For instance, the company built the 183A toll road in Leander and Cedar Park. The road plays a significant role in transforming the lives of the community living in the region by facilitating continued growth. The United States 290 toll road between Manor and Austin is also another project they did that enhances the capacity of the existing road.


Mike states that Mobility Authority aims at providing people with innovative solutions to transportation problems. For example, the construction of MoPac Express Lanes will facilitate tolling that employs sophisticated technology to manage the flow of traffic. Mike says that it is quite difficult to eliminate congestion since the MoPac footprint is not sufficient. Mr. Mike says that his company wants to ensure that the Express Lane keeps moving even when other lanes are congested.


Heiligenstein says that Mobility Authority is dedicated to providing technology solutions to future mobility project. The company aims at coming up with ‘smart roads.’ He reported that Fiber lines would be installed on the 183A road project. The company hopes to construct roads that will provide drivers with solutions or identify errors before they result in major problems. For instance, construction of a road that detects when a car is moving in the wrong direction. Mobility Authority collaborates with Metropia to develop mobile traffic applications that work with the company’s traffic monitoring system.


Mr. Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Mike is also a board member of the International Bridge, Turnpike, and Tunnel Association, as well as Texas Transportation. Mike graduated from Texas University with a Masters of Business Administration, a Masters of Government, and a bachelor’s degree in Government. Since 2003, Mike has been working with Mobility Authority. Heiligenstein has played a significant role in developing the company from a start-up to a leading transportation agency it is today.


The Company developed the 183A road using cutting edge technologies to maximize its efficiency. Some of the technologies installed on the road include all-electronic tolling and video billing. Heiligenstein is an advocate for pedestrian and bicycle facilities. He still works hard to ensure that services that enhance transportation are included on new road projects.