How to Gauge the Fantasy Impact of Rookie Draftees

During the weekend-long 2017 NFL draft, a new crop of fantasy football game changers will be welcomed into professional football. This year’s draft class is following a recent trend, where defensive players and massive offensive lineman are projected to grab many of the top spots.



As you prepare for next season’s fantasy football grind, how can you gauge which of these new rookies will have the biggest impact on your season. To gain the best perspective on rookie draftee potential, you must know something about the environment they’re being drafted into.



Immediate Impact


Which team lands a particular offensive skill player in the early rounds of the draft, ultimately is the most important gauge of their fantasy value. If players like projected number one and number two running backs Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey, land on teams with a need for rushing stats, plan on these two producing an immediate fantasy impact.



As an example, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a well-documented problem rushing the football. Therefore, if Fournette were fortunate enough to land in North Florida, he may be a very intriguing fantasy steal.



When teams draft offensive skill players with solid veterans in front of them, it could take halfway into the season before they begin to produce fantasy numbers worth a roster spot. Tough decision is to decide if you want to waste a roster spot on a player who may not turn value until after the midway point in the season.



The Heir Apparent With no Supporting Cast


You also have to consider the team environment where the player is going to open their NFL career. Running backs with even the best talent, find the sledding difficult if the offensive line in front of them can’t open up any holes. Wide receivers aren’t going to put up fantasy top tier numbers if no one can get them the ball consistently.



There are players like former Oklahoma Sooner Joe Mixon, to name one, who come with a little baggage attached. These types of players usually slide past spots where the opportunity to shine immediately is not going to be available. A team that needs a running back today, may not be willing to take a chance on a suspect personality.



It’s always great to review, which players might be the most impact-worthy additions to their real teams. You can fit some research in between checking your MLB lineups, at various informed sites like Fantasy Alarm.


Follow the progress of the draft, because it can provide you with clues where even lower round selections may be called upon to produce immediately. Sometimes you’ll find that hidden gem in the draft that will turn out to be the true heir apparent fantasy superstar.