Billy McFarland Continually Strives to Improve the Lifestyles of his Millennial Niche

Billy McFarland, the illustrious CEO of the well-received Magnises bold, and black card has achieved much during his young life–already. The personable McFarland has been described, by some of the top media names in the industry as a technical wizard–and persons who know McFarland, realize he is well deserving of the description.

According to Forbes, what makes Billy McFarland exceptional is that he does not stop achieving, regardless of the accolades he receives. He is continually thinking of ways to better serve his Millennial niche.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland already provides a great number of trendy brands, with respect to his bold Black Magnises card, which Millennials, truly enjoy.

To begin with: the durable metal bold and black Magnises card allows the element of pay to its list of features. All that is needed is for the Millennial user to link his existing debit or bank card to his black Magnises card. He does not need to worry about qualifying for the card–credit-wise in doing so.

Next, the card offers the Millennial professional with a tremendous amount of discounts in way of great city dining, live performing arts entertainment, gallery openings, discount packaging at iconic night spots; no waiting at the city’s most preferred night-clubs; a penthouse location, wherein he can mingle with other Magnises card users; sunset cocktail parties–where the member is in attendance to view the sun-setting over the city, at a premier hotel location; upgrades with regard to travel; great hotel room rates at some of the best hotel locations in the nation–i.e. a room weighing in at $250.00 per night is attainable for a mere $79.00, nightly; get-togethers at stylish locations–such as yachts; excursions to tropical locations at deep-discounted levels of pricing; a shared contemporary office space which generally goes for $500 monthly–for the agreeable rate of only $99.00 monthly; custom dining packages to some of the city’s most intriguing and captivating eateries; late night DJ sets at theme-based entertainment venues, i.e. with 70’s styled seating, dance floor and a terrific chandelier in the middle of it; and more.

One current offering that the Millennials are raving about is the 24/7 concierage service provided by Magnises.

Too: when in attendance at a Magnises vendor-location, the card holder receives surprises and bonuses like a complimentary bottle of champagne; or a live performance, by way of a niche performer–i.e. magician–sent right to his table–while he waits for dinner to be served.

All, of the preceding entitlements are part of Magnises membership and still there are more: far too many to list here.

So is there room for improvement? Billy McFarland is continually thinking of ways to please his niche audience. He does not stop at his already terrific sampling of offerings. He moves with the city, just like his engaging audience moves with the city. He addresses “cool” and brings his unique brand of “cool” in way of his offering–the bold black card referred to as Magnises.

So what is the price of “cool,” as described above? Would you believe $250.00, annually? It just does not get any better, price-wise, than this.