Kevin Seawright Holds The Key To Community

Kevin Seawright is one of the best and brightest in his field today! Beginning his career through his awesome choice of schools in attending the Almeda University, it has been clear since the very beginning of his pursuits that he always taken his aspirations for phenomenal success as the most serious priority in his life.

Upon his graduation from the Almeda University, he immediately jumped up at the chance to make for a better community through working for the City of Baltimore in the first month of 2001 when he first started up as a part of the team through the position of Managing Fiscal Officer where he stayed for one year and a month before moving up the ladder at the City of Baltimore to the position of Payroll Director for another seven months and then again to the role of Finance Director at the Baltimore City Department of Housing, right before leaving to join the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks as the Chief Financial Officer less than a year and a half after being made the Finance Director at the Baltimore City Department of Housing.

When opportunity struck gold and Seawright was requested to join at the Baltimore City Government as the Vice President and Deputy Chief Officer he could not refuse, so he took up his rightful place in that position and stayed there for almost two years before deciding to move on from the political world to take up a new direction for his life.

According to Crunchbase, first after leaving the world of governmental politics Kevin Seawright became the Vice President of Operations for a company known as Tito Contractors, but after two years Seawright decided that he wanted to be back helping the community again so he took a job as the Executive Director of Operations for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and then later joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the company’s EVP and CEO.

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