Mike Heiligenstein Reveals CTRMA’s Plans to Modernize and Maintain Transportation in Texas

In 2014, Mike Heiligenstein sat down with Biz Journals to discuss the future of the infrastructure of Texas and address the rising concerns of details such as the State Highway 130 in Austin. In response to the interviewer’s query about the diminishing number of commuters on the road, Mike stated that the state had plans to change the people’s travel patterns, add capacity of motors in Austin streets and develop a multi-modal highway system. He revealed that underway plans had already resulted in the increase of traffic cars and trucks. He added to say that moving drivers from the congested Interstate 35 will address the inability to construct more lanes on its footprints for local and foreign travelers.


Mike touched on the complicated financing issue which affected the construction of toll roads. He stated that the state’s infrastructure investors input adequately in the projects. According to CTRMA’s last public offering records, the number of investors was up ten times resulting in the collection of $300 million. He revealed that investors are particularly interested in Austin and Texas roads. Mike, however, advised the public to put in place vigorous funding committees if they wish to accelerate the construction in the state.


Mike stated that CTRMA’s resolution to maintain roads is ensuring motors use the designated paths. He said that the county would charge every truck that uses county roads a fee because the roads’ design is not made to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, the Texas Department of Commerce planned to redirect the state’s funds into building roads for the less financially able counties with small tax bases.


Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of CTRMA which began operating in 2002 to provide Texas with a modern transportation network. He has managed a couple of projects through the firm, such as the development of the 183A Williamson County, the 290 Tolland the Express Lanes on MoPac. In partnership with the state’s transportation administration, CTRMA will launch six additional expressways in Central Texas. CTRMA plans to develop a multi-modal transport system that will serve the rising population of Texas and address the pressing issues in traffic that bother commuters.


Mike is the president of Turnpike Association, Tunnel, and International Bridge. He serves as Council on the board of directors of Texas A & M Transportation, a couple of committees and working organizations in the state. He has an extensive history in infrastructure and serving the Texas state since he began his career as a public employee of Williamson County.