Mike Baur Is Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Find Success

Mike Baur is considered to be one of the most influential finance experts in the world. The businessman is currently serving as the chief executive officer for a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. The institution is based in Zurich, and it has changed the lives of many young people who want to transform their ideas into business. Mike Baur is believed to be the force behind the success of the private company.


Mike Baur was born and raised in Zurich. When growing up, the young Baur realized that he was very passionate about the finance department. Whenever he had the opportunity, Baur would use his skills to help his parents get a solution to their finance. After finishing his high school education, Baur did very well, and he was given a chance to study at the well-known University of Rochester. Getting an opportunity to study in this college is not a walk in the park. The candidates have to prove that they have the capacity to fit in the respectable institution. After graduating, Baur chose to enroll at the prestigious Bern University to sharpen his finance skills.


Before starting the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur had served in the financial services department for a very long time. After completing his education, the businessman was employed in several institutions. Every day, he would meet young businessmen who were very passionate about starting businesses. However, these newbies in the business world lacked enough finances and motivation to change their ideas into life.


After serving in the Swiss Banking department for more than twenty years, the businessman realized that he wanted to help the businessmen to achieve their dreams. Armed with the expertise he had earned in twenty years, Mike Baur partnered with several other friends so that he could start the Swiss Startup Factory. The company has done very well under his leadership.


Mike Baur has employed several professionals who work round the clock to make sure that the Swiss Startup Factory remains successful. These professionals have a three month program that is used to motivate and empower the businessmen. After the three month program, the newbies are given everything they need to turn their ideas into a reality. The company has strong networks from all over the world. Mike Baur uses these networks to help the businessmen in their businesses. He also gives them offices in strategic areas in Zurich so that they can be successful.


Swiss Start Up Factory Fundraiser, Mike Baur

In 2014, ‘Swiss Start Up Factory opened for business. The business identifies opportunities in the market that introduce a new way through disruptive technology. Disruptive technology or business is that which spots opportunities in the industry that can be created through slight changes to the existing businesses. This business helps small start up businesses to establish themselves in their respective industries. ‘Swiss Start Up Factory’ also helps these new businesses to get financing and access investors.




Mike Baur believes there is talent in Switzerland. He uses his influence with ‘Swiss Start Up’ to encourage and grow a working relationship with academic institutions. Working with academic institutions enables the company to offer assistance to students with an entrepreneurial inclination.


The Growth Accelerator


This service is offered to start ups that have been in the industry a while. These are helped to realize the goals they set forth when they launched. There are a range of services that these ‘mature start ups need’. Some of these services are: accounting network, administrative assistance, IT support, law and taxes and branding fundraising. Tax assistance is given by Wenger & Vielli, a law firm that works with Swiss Start Up Factory. Public relation issues are also well taken care of for the ‘mature upstarts’. Marketing and assistance with strategic planning is also an area ‘Swiss Start Up Factory’ offers assistance.




‘Swiss Start Up Factory is cognizant of the need for companies to digitalize and adapt to the ever changing wave of technology. The new and aspiring up starts are assisted to execute digital models. These start ups are also helped in with product formation and staffing solutions.


The Factory Team


‘Swiss Start Up’ is a team of dedicated and passionate professionals. Mike Baur leads the way in terms of fundraising. Max Meister, the co-founder of this start up solutions, is responsible for the growth accelerator for ‘mature start ups’. Another co-founder, Oliver Walzer is charged with the responsibility of CIO. The training program for the company is managed and run by Jean Pierre. All matters of business strategy and analysis are in the able hands of Chris Bargholz.


Mike Baur


Mike Baur’s years of experience in the banking industry culminated in the founding of ‘Swiss Start up Factory’. Mike, co- founded this company with two other professionals. In 2016, Mike’s career was highlighted by the ‘Wall Street Journal’. This is an indicator of respectability in an industry.

Mike Baur’s Entrepreneurial Path for Success in a Startup World

Mike Baur, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Swiss Start up Factory, says that making the decision to leave a very successful banking career, in order to form a company that produces startups, was not a tough decision. Mike has a great founder story. At the age of 40, and a prestigious career of 20 years in banking commerce, he believed he had time to do something different. In 2014, Mike launched the Swiss Start up Factory which is based in Zurich. It is an accelerator company looking to establish flourishing entrepreneurs within their marketing field.


Mike explains that the word “factory” within the name of his company was intentional. He says that the intent is to specifically manufacture companies: “We want to build up and help new companies…it takes very hard work for young people to become successful as a company.”


In order to determine what the goals are before focusing on profit margins, new startups need to focus on technological results. Mike says that what sets his company apart from many others is that the Swiss Startup Factory is fully invested in the [process], independent of stakeholders or separate interest, including politics. He says that having that approach with his company gives it a great advantage, which he believes is missing in the industry.


For many entrepreneurs, regardless of their target market, creating a startup can be very overwhelming. Developing a marketing strategy and deciding what needs to happen to become successful can be very intimidating.


Smart entrepreneurs, like Mike Baur, realize that the key to success with any business, the company’s approach must be to work collaboratively. Mike has an extremely strong belief in working together to form a more powerful union of the best entrepreneurial companies. He says that from an investor standpoint “more people would invest [in startups] if the set-up is professional…and for us there is potential to gain investments in the early stages for young companies.”


Mike has a lot of passion. He has a great entrepreneurial spirit and says he learned very early that “if you put hard work and passion together, you’re going to be successful.” It is just another example of why entrepreneurs, like Mr. Baur continue to produce effective partnerships within the growing startup industry.