The Philanthropist Betsy DeVos and her contributions to the Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is extensively known due to the fact that the family she comes from is among those that are most charitable across the United States of America. This is rooted in the lengthy culture and tradition that they themselves have managed to keep alive through generations that currently dates back to over a century. Worth acknowledging is the fact that the charitable activities of the family have their focus alongside the political course. However, Betsy DeVos is unique as she deviated to focus on the provision of education as well as giving the overall assistance to the society. Notably, they have offered over $1.33 billion together. This has resulted in her earning of credit in relation to the innovative capability related to the attempt to address the societal issues. The objective, in this case, is to ensure that each one gets their accorded rights.

Her decision to engage herself with the challenges facing the society has significantly transformed her into an outstanding leader following her service in distinct leadership positions. In particular, she served as The Philanthropy Roundtable’s chairperson. She also served in the same capacity at the American Federation for Children. This adds up to the opportunity that she had while due to being a member of other distinct local and national boards. This gave her the chance to shape her leadership skills as an efficient road.

Betsy is quite experienced following her service on a number of boards. These are DeVos Institute for Arts Management, the American Enterprise Institute, the American Enterprise Institute and the ArtPrize.

Being a philanthropist that is both prized and valuable, it is worth noting that Betsy has spent a number of years holding a number of charitable social events and gatherings. Her objective, in this case, is to enhance the raising of extra funds aimed at facilitating good initiatives. It is through such events that she gets the chance of lauding her advocacy alongside the betterment of the educational sector in America. The fact that she is a philanthropist who is selfless is what has encouraged her husband to support her in her endeavors.

The name Betsy DeVos has turned out to be an American household name following her enormous contributions towards the educational sector. It is for the same reason that her name is almost identical and synonymous to the educational transformations. Additionally, she has extended her hand of effort to ascertain that all the sections of her nation acquire their portion in consideration of education. She puts in her efforts with the statement that the civic duty of ensuring that no individual is left behind is hers.

Looking into the different things Betsy DeVos has done, it is worth acknowledging that she is among the few individuals who are selfless and can do whatever it takes to ensure that the rest of the community gets the best.


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Richard Smith, Catalyzing a Reaction between Securus Technologies and JPay

It is a good thing to see two distinct units join and become one formidable force. It is the first time that Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies has extended an olive branch to Ryan Shapiro, JPay’s CEO, to have the two companies combine efforts in providing prison services across North America with quality entertainment, communication, payment, and education services for inmates.Since 2015, Rick Smith has taken full control of JPay giving the company all the resources it needs because of Securus Technologies’ deep pockets and connections. Also, Rick Smith has gone above and beyond to ensure that recidivism has been put at bay since the kind of tech that comes with JPay has integrated security features. As of now, JPay and Securus Technologies serve more than 1.6 million inmates and a total of thirty-three correctional facilities in North America. People who also get to benefit from services offered by Securus and JPay include family, prison staff, and friends.

For many years now, Securus Technologies has been on the receiving end to some rather positive sentiments. Due to the company’s exemplary track record, Securus Technologies has been receiving tonnes of letter and emails from customers who truly appreciate the effort that the organization has put in ensuring that society is safe. As a company made to protect society through technology and innovation, Securus Technologies has lived up to its good name.However, it is without a shadow of a doubt that Securus Technologies would not be as successful as it is today without the contribution of its Chairman and CEO, Rick Smith. Since Richard created Securus Technologies, he has taken the institution from one glory to the other. It is because of Rick’s exceptional skills that Securus Technologies is the most famed inmate communication company in North America.

Thanks to experience gained while working for companies like Global Crossing North America, Frontier Corporation, Midwest Telephone Operations, Financial Management Division, and Eschelon Telecom, Richard has been able to create something good out of Securus Technologies.In his tenure as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith has integrated the targeted signal blocking feature into the running of the company thus helping prisons and communities in North America prevent any threats that might emanate from within the correctional facilities in the area. Using his Associate’s Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rick Smith has never let his guard down. As it stands out, Rick Smith is a committed patriot who only wants the very best for the American community.Richard also has a bachelor, and masters degree in Engineering obtained from the State University of New York. Since Securus Technologies is a progressive institution, there is more to come as regards to matters security.

Igor Cornelsen Views on the Banking Sector in Brazil

Why is Brazil is considered a conducive country for business operations? The main reason is, Brazil has a huge population and a large supply of natural resources that create the need for infrastructure development.

In 2014 the economy of Brazil was hurting. Economic growth had stalled under the then government of Dilma Rousseff. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

However what was surprising is that the banking sector weathered the economic crisis storm with ease. Two major private banks, Banco Bradesco (BBD) and Itau Unibanco (ITUB) saw their shares rise by a third that year. This was not anticipated since the banking sector is usually the first to be hit whenever a country plunges into economic crisis.

So, what did the Brazilian banks do differently? To help us explain this, we will consider an explanation given by a renowned investment expert Igor Cornelsen, who has a long experience in the Brazilian banking sector.

Igor Cornelsen states one very important point. He says that most private banks only lend money to credit worthy persons. This means that only entities that have the capacity to pay back loans are likely to enjoy their services.

This gives this banks some sort of financial security. They are less likely to plunge into bad debts. Igor takes time to explain some important aspects of banking in Brazil for any investor looking to invest in Brazil. Let us highlight some of them.

Brazil being one of the largest economies in the world have a well-advanced banking sector. There are about 10 major banks in Brazil, both privately and state owned. He says that for his banking sector to flourish even better, there need to be insightful policies being put up by the government of the day. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

He attributes the 2014 economic crisis to the poor policy decision by the then mister for finance. Igor also insists on the government investing more in creating trade partnership with China. As of today, China is one of the biggest consumers of Brazilian materials. It, therefore, means if the economy of China is doing well, there will be better prices for Brazilian raw materials.

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker in Brazil. He has worked for some of the biggest banks in the world in executive positions. He is retired from active trading and serves as a consultant on stock market investments.