Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere: A Day In Her Fabulous Shoes

People are often curious about what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the general population. What are their daily lives like, and how do they approach life? For Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere, her morning starts with a focus and recharging. Some may find that the most surprising part of her morning is that it doesn’t involve an alarm clock. Deere follows her internal alarm clock, which wakes her up at 8:30am, after a full 9 hours of sleep. Deere said she found 9 hours to be her ideal amount of sleep per night.


Once she’s awake, Deere’s morning is peaceful with time built in for quiet contemplation. She hydrates, does some stretches, and eats a hearty breakfast while keeping the time spent time on her phone checking into the office to a minimum. She prefers to use her morning for creative processing, and puts emails off until later in the day.


The time Deere spends doing her makeup tends to be a little less quiet. She’ll put on whatever music she is currently into (which has been The Beatles lately), before washing and moisturizing her face. With her face properly cared for, she moves onto foundation. She hopes to add foundation to Lime Crime’s line up before long. Deere said that blush and lipstick are her favorite part of her makeup routine, and both tend to be pink or red. She prefers bold lip colors from Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetine collection.


Deere likes to shower at night so that her hair is dry and ready to style in the morning. She likes to wear her hair down to show off her vibrant purple locks. Lime Crime recently released a line of 13 semi-permanent hair dyes with bold colors styled after Deere’s own color preferences. Though Deere has been sporting rainbow colors for quite awhile, her line of hair dyes have been years in the making in order to meet the brand’s stringent cruelty-free, vegan ingredient standards.


By noon Deere is in the office attending meetings and checking in with her staff. Though she tries to end her work day by 6pm, when she is on a roll she stays until midnight if needed. Since her company started in 2008 she has been pushing the envelope in makeup with experimentation and fun at the forefront. Her morning focus is an important part of that creative energy. She caters her beauty products to the daring beauties who defy expectations, and she doesn’t disappoint.



Swiss Start Up Factory Fundraiser, Mike Baur

In 2014, ‘Swiss Start Up Factory opened for business. The business identifies opportunities in the market that introduce a new way through disruptive technology. Disruptive technology or business is that which spots opportunities in the industry that can be created through slight changes to the existing businesses. This business helps small start up businesses to establish themselves in their respective industries. ‘Swiss Start Up Factory’ also helps these new businesses to get financing and access investors.




Mike Baur believes there is talent in Switzerland. He uses his influence with ‘Swiss Start Up’ to encourage and grow a working relationship with academic institutions. Working with academic institutions enables the company to offer assistance to students with an entrepreneurial inclination.


The Growth Accelerator


This service is offered to start ups that have been in the industry a while. These are helped to realize the goals they set forth when they launched. There are a range of services that these ‘mature start ups need’. Some of these services are: accounting network, administrative assistance, IT support, law and taxes and branding fundraising. Tax assistance is given by Wenger & Vielli, a law firm that works with Swiss Start Up Factory. Public relation issues are also well taken care of for the ‘mature upstarts’. Marketing and assistance with strategic planning is also an area ‘Swiss Start Up Factory’ offers assistance.




‘Swiss Start Up Factory is cognizant of the need for companies to digitalize and adapt to the ever changing wave of technology. The new and aspiring up starts are assisted to execute digital models. These start ups are also helped in with product formation and staffing solutions.


The Factory Team


‘Swiss Start Up’ is a team of dedicated and passionate professionals. Mike Baur leads the way in terms of fundraising. Max Meister, the co-founder of this start up solutions, is responsible for the growth accelerator for ‘mature start ups’. Another co-founder, Oliver Walzer is charged with the responsibility of CIO. The training program for the company is managed and run by Jean Pierre. All matters of business strategy and analysis are in the able hands of Chris Bargholz.


Mike Baur


Mike Baur’s years of experience in the banking industry culminated in the founding of ‘Swiss Start up Factory’. Mike, co- founded this company with two other professionals. In 2016, Mike’s career was highlighted by the ‘Wall Street Journal’. This is an indicator of respectability in an industry.

Mike Heiligenstein Reveals CTRMA’s Plans to Modernize and Maintain Transportation in Texas

In 2014, Mike Heiligenstein sat down with Biz Journals to discuss the future of the infrastructure of Texas and address the rising concerns of details such as the State Highway 130 in Austin. In response to the interviewer’s query about the diminishing number of commuters on the road, Mike stated that the state had plans to change the people’s travel patterns, add capacity of motors in Austin streets and develop a multi-modal highway system. He revealed that underway plans had already resulted in the increase of traffic cars and trucks. He added to say that moving drivers from the congested Interstate 35 will address the inability to construct more lanes on its footprints for local and foreign travelers.


Mike touched on the complicated financing issue which affected the construction of toll roads. He stated that the state’s infrastructure investors input adequately in the projects. According to CTRMA’s last public offering records, the number of investors was up ten times resulting in the collection of $300 million. He revealed that investors are particularly interested in Austin and Texas roads. Mike, however, advised the public to put in place vigorous funding committees if they wish to accelerate the construction in the state.


Mike stated that CTRMA’s resolution to maintain roads is ensuring motors use the designated paths. He said that the county would charge every truck that uses county roads a fee because the roads’ design is not made to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, the Texas Department of Commerce planned to redirect the state’s funds into building roads for the less financially able counties with small tax bases.


Mike Heiligenstein is the executive director of CTRMA which began operating in 2002 to provide Texas with a modern transportation network. He has managed a couple of projects through the firm, such as the development of the 183A Williamson County, the 290 Tolland the Express Lanes on MoPac. In partnership with the state’s transportation administration, CTRMA will launch six additional expressways in Central Texas. CTRMA plans to develop a multi-modal transport system that will serve the rising population of Texas and address the pressing issues in traffic that bother commuters.


Mike is the president of Turnpike Association, Tunnel, and International Bridge. He serves as Council on the board of directors of Texas A & M Transportation, a couple of committees and working organizations in the state. He has an extensive history in infrastructure and serving the Texas state since he began his career as a public employee of Williamson County.


Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund – Defending Migrants Rights and Supporting the Cause of Equality for a Better Tomorrow

Humanity is losing its ignorance, or so it seems, is what many would say when they look at the condition of the world today. Atrocities and brutalities of various unspeakable kinds are being carried out by a human on human, and the barbarism continues unhindered in many different parts of the world, especially in the Middle Eastern countries.

Even in the most developed societies, human rights violations are happening in various forms such as racial disparity and bias in justice imparted by the state courts. many different organizations are working across the globe to raise voice against these human rights abuses. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida and About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

These organizations work day and night to highlight the issues that need to be addressed to a wider audience to raise awareness in the society. Millions of people have been in killed in the recent turn of events in the Middle East, and millions have lost their homes and are displaced.

Without the support of the active volunteering organizations, the numbers could have gone up far more quickly. Thanks to the selfless work done by many human rights groups, people are getting help, support, and essential supplies even in such difficult times.

In America, many organizations are working to support humanitarian crisis and bring positive changes in the society for a better tomorrow. Some of the organizations that are often spotted at the front foot of the humanitarian crisis helping people and standing by them are American Civil Liberties Union, Border Angels, EarthJustice, Center for Reproductive Rights, Lambda Legal, Anti-Defamation League, and more.

In the United States, many common unresolved issues need to be addressed in the society, such as racial disparity, migrant rights, issues faced by refugees and immigrants, and much more. The organizations ensure that the support is provided to the people who are in need, starting from offering them necessary supplies to legal guidance, and from healthcare services to education support.

Two of the champions of migrants’ rights in the United States are Michael Lucy and Jim Larkin. They were recently charged and arrested wrongly by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The arrest took place on October 18, 2007.

Since then, Jim Larkin and Michael Lucy, who are popularly known for being the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, embarked on a long and challenging legal battle with the state. They finally won the case against the County and were given a hefty settlement amount of $3.75 million.

Both these human right activists have spent significant years of their career in championing the rights offered the U.S. Citizens as per the First Amendment. They won the case in the U.S. Court of Appeals.

One of the reasons why they were given a huge settlement amount is because of the harassment they were made to go through by arresting them without grounds in the middle of the night from their homes. The settlement amount they have received is dedicated to defending the migrant rights and is named Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Learn more about Michael Lacey: