How Arthur Becker Approaches Investment Success

According to NY Daily News, succeeding as an entrepreneur can feel like an almost Herculean task. Perhaps that is why Arthur Becker’s career has emboldened and inspired so many people. Arthur Becker is a tech mogul turned real estate guru who has spent the better part of the past two decades establishing himself as an industry giant. Becker is now one of the top investors in New York City and his work is soon going to be seen all about town. Becker’s focusing on Madison Partners LLC where he works as the Managing Partner of the investment firm. Their focus is on bio technology as well as real estate. No matter what an entrepreneur chooses to focus on, they would be served well to learn from Becker’s own words. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

To start off with, Arthur Becker firmly believes that you need to have a great working relationship with the people across the table of whatever investment that it is you choose to pursue. Becker says simply, “I find that I am most effective when I work with people that I respect, in real estate or in technology.” Becker goes on to say that entrepreneurs have to be willing to engage on multiple levels with their partners in order to create a winning strategy. Becker explains finally, “In those companies that have been successful, the chemistry between the management has always been critical to the success of an operating business.” In short: don’t work with people you can’t stand.

Arthur Becker also understands that sometimes you need to be able to adjust your eyesight in order to focus on new projects, products, and marketing trends. Becker says, “I am very intrigued by a number of trends in bio tech, particularly in the field of cancer treatment.” This fascination comes to Becker despite the fact that he doesn’t have a background in medicine. He is merely reading the tea leaves and coming to the realization that there is opportunity here to invest in a project that is both important and financially viable. Becker’s tried and true methods have led him to where he is today and entrepreneurs looking for their own success might do well to follow.

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EOS: The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile

Almost ten years ago, the way consumers bought Chap Stick was dramatically changed. Businessperson, Mehra, joined with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to shake up the Chap Stick industry with a new and innovative brand called EOS lip balm. The beauty category was prime market space for innovation since the majority of products have not changed much since first introduced. Traditional lip balms were competing for lowest price while none of the brands were concerned about how they fit into women’s beauty regimens. After some market research, they discovered they could market a new brand of lip balm aimed at both men and women while also making it effective and visually appealing. Research showed that women liked carrying lip balm in their purse and were interested in the new kinds that came in pots, but were concerned about applying it with their fingers. That is when the idea of the round pot that felt good to put on as well as new smells and colors. Even the clicking sound to ensure it was properly closed was intentional making it more visually appealing than its predecessors were. The EOS lip balm price point was $3, which was more than traditional lip balms, but the organic ingredients and new shape gave it the edge it needed to keep the pricey lip balm in demand.

Walgreens was the first store to carry the product with other big chains quickly following. Marketing towards style conscious millennial women through magazines and television ads helped the new company quickly gain a following. Beauty bloggers also played a huge role in the company’s growing reputation and with product placements and endorsements EOS lip balm quickly became a staple in most women’s purses. Through their large social media presence on Facebook, EOS lip balm has quickly become “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

Karl Heideck Weighs In On Third-Party Financing

Thoughts on litigation finance with Karl HeideckToday’s society poses many risks. One of the biggest ones facing corporations and companies is that of litigious clients who could create financial perils. As a safeguard against such possible circumstances, some law firms have begun to offer a tool to counteract these claims. This tool is known as litigation or third party financing. This form of revenue funding is provided to allow peace of mind in the event that a lawsuit is filed against the corporation. It helps the company to continue to remain solvent in the face of a circumstance that could otherwise pose a financial ruin for that business. While some claims can run into the millions of dollars, there are indeed lenders available who are prepared to address such needs. Hence, legal financing of this nature can help businesses to remain afloat in the face of the unthinkable.

A legal expert who has some fine information and guidance on this type of finance is Karl Heideck. With a strong background in risk management as well as litigation, Mr. Heideck is well-versed in the kinds of lawsuits that can face contemporary businesses of all kinds. Heideck’s established client base has contributed to his vast knowledge of numerous fields, and this allows him to provide his objective opinions to all his clients in a clear and understandable manner.

For those seeking help in legal finance or litigation assistance, navigating the landscape of options in the Philadelphia area can be daunting. Nonetheless, Mr. Karl Heideck stands ready to deliver his expertise to clients both old and new, and is eager to help find the best solution for short-term financial problems or a more long term resolution!

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How to Gauge the Fantasy Impact of Rookie Draftees

During the weekend-long 2017 NFL draft, a new crop of fantasy football game changers will be welcomed into professional football. This year’s draft class is following a recent trend, where defensive players and massive offensive lineman are projected to grab many of the top spots.



As you prepare for next season’s fantasy football grind, how can you gauge which of these new rookies will have the biggest impact on your season. To gain the best perspective on rookie draftee potential, you must know something about the environment they’re being drafted into.



Immediate Impact


Which team lands a particular offensive skill player in the early rounds of the draft, ultimately is the most important gauge of their fantasy value. If players like projected number one and number two running backs Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey, land on teams with a need for rushing stats, plan on these two producing an immediate fantasy impact.



As an example, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a well-documented problem rushing the football. Therefore, if Fournette were fortunate enough to land in North Florida, he may be a very intriguing fantasy steal.



When teams draft offensive skill players with solid veterans in front of them, it could take halfway into the season before they begin to produce fantasy numbers worth a roster spot. Tough decision is to decide if you want to waste a roster spot on a player who may not turn value until after the midway point in the season.



The Heir Apparent With no Supporting Cast


You also have to consider the team environment where the player is going to open their NFL career. Running backs with even the best talent, find the sledding difficult if the offensive line in front of them can’t open up any holes. Wide receivers aren’t going to put up fantasy top tier numbers if no one can get them the ball consistently.



There are players like former Oklahoma Sooner Joe Mixon, to name one, who come with a little baggage attached. These types of players usually slide past spots where the opportunity to shine immediately is not going to be available. A team that needs a running back today, may not be willing to take a chance on a suspect personality.



It’s always great to review, which players might be the most impact-worthy additions to their real teams. You can fit some research in between checking your MLB lineups, at various informed sites like Fantasy Alarm.


Follow the progress of the draft, because it can provide you with clues where even lower round selections may be called upon to produce immediately. Sometimes you’ll find that hidden gem in the draft that will turn out to be the true heir apparent fantasy superstar.

Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Well Respected Contributions to the Legal Community

A new attorney referral service has recently been unveiled in New York. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), has made an online debut and is designed to match attorneys and clients based on specific criteria. The New York Bar Association (NYBA) previously provided this service only by telephone. The service is beneficial to both clients and attorneys. Clients benefit by saving time in having to interview multiple attorneys; this also saves clients the frustration of having to discuss potentially upsetting or sensitive information repeatedly. Attorneys benefit by having their potential clients pre-screened and are able to gain additional business in their specialization. Should a client wish to consult with the selected attorney, a small referral fee of $35 is paid however, this is sometimes waived depending on the case type.


Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a boutique law firm specializing in corporate law. More specifically, their specialty is in corporate governance issues, and executive pay. Mr. Goldstein has handled many complex mergers and acquisitions for many well known corporations in the US. This isn’t his first partnership in a firm; he previously worked as a partner with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. His educational background serves him well, as he has both an MBA and Law Degree from New York University.


Jeremy Goldstein has also contributed to NYU’s Jornal of Law as well as Harvard University in his specialization area(s). He makes time for charity work and serves in leadership roles at both the Make a Wish Foundation and a lesser known charity Fountain House. The latter organization helps those in the community with issues regarding mental illness. Mr. Goldstein has also won many awards over the years for his impressive work. He’s certainly an attorney who’s on top of his game and deserves top recognition.


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