Kevin Seawright Holds The Key To Community

Kevin Seawright is one of the best and brightest in his field today! Beginning his career through his awesome choice of schools in attending the Almeda University, it has been clear since the very beginning of his pursuits that he always taken his aspirations for phenomenal success as the most serious priority in his life.

Upon his graduation from the Almeda University, he immediately jumped up at the chance to make for a better community through working for the City of Baltimore in the first month of 2001 when he first started up as a part of the team through the position of Managing Fiscal Officer where he stayed for one year and a month before moving up the ladder at the City of Baltimore to the position of Payroll Director for another seven months and then again to the role of Finance Director at the Baltimore City Department of Housing, right before leaving to join the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks as the Chief Financial Officer less than a year and a half after being made the Finance Director at the Baltimore City Department of Housing.

When opportunity struck gold and Seawright was requested to join at the Baltimore City Government as the Vice President and Deputy Chief Officer he could not refuse, so he took up his rightful place in that position and stayed there for almost two years before deciding to move on from the political world to take up a new direction for his life.

According to Crunchbase, first after leaving the world of governmental politics Kevin Seawright became the Vice President of Operations for a company known as Tito Contractors, but after two years Seawright decided that he wanted to be back helping the community again so he took a job as the Executive Director of Operations for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and then later joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the company’s EVP and CEO.

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Selecting High Quality Furniture to Furnish a Living Area


Good furniture should provide a combination of style and comfort. Sofas and recliners should be designed to maximize this comfort. They should also be durable enough to survive years of wear.


The Best Sofa Brands


Drexel Heritage makes contemporary furniture. Their products are crafted in the United States. Their Baxter Sofa has a smooth black look that should fit comfortably within any interior. Many of their sofas can be customized. Customers can select from different colors and fabrics. This makes their products great for someone that is looking for an ideal match within an existing living room set.


B&B Italia is another company that focuses on contemporary furniture. Their sofas have a contemporary international design. Some of their products have designs that hearken back to styles of the 1970s.


The Best Recliner Brands


The best recliners should always be designed with comfort in mind. La-Z-Boy became a household name for this very reason. The Snuggle Berry recliner is designed for comfortable neck and back support. The berry red corduroy fabric should make this recliner stand out in any living room.

Those that are looking for higher end massage recliners may be interested in the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner. This recliner has a futuristic look. The built in massage and heating is controlled by an active computer. The durable synthetic leather contains air and vibration massage technology.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Impact On The Financial And The Legal Industries

New Yorkers have a convenient way of finding experienced lawyers in their community. The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched their new website for people in search of law services. Their services are available for 24 hours at The new online portal is a joint venture with the


Below is how the website works:


* A person in search of legislative services goes to the website and fills out a questionnaire describing in detail about their issue and their location.


*The State Bar staff review the filled questionnaire and match the client to a lawyer whose office resides in the same locality as the client.


*The State Bar forwards the request to the right county bar association.


* The use of this website gives free Referrals. If the person consults the lawyer whom they got a referral, there is a $35 consultation fee for the first 30-minutes. However, there are exceptions made if the matter revolves around social security, personal injury, military law, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation, or unemployment.


* After the thirty minutes consultation, he or she adds a fee agreeable by both the lawyer and the client.


New York State Bar Association is a 72000 member program and is the biggest voluntary state bar association in America.

About Mr. Goldstein

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. This a boutique law company that devotes to advising CEOs, compensation committees, management teams, and corporate governance matters in issues that relate to corporate finance or sensitive money matters.


Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is a witness to numerous large corporate transactions in the past decade, including the purchase of Goodrich by United Technologies, Bank of America Corporation by FleetBoston Financial Corporation and many more other successful transactions.


Finally, Jeremy L. Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein And Associates.


Adam Milstein Describes how the Israeli-American Council can Help California Tackle Problems

Adam Milstein is one of the co-founders of the Israeli-American Council. Presently, he serves as the chair of the national council of the AIC. Mr. Milstein also has his own foundation that is called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It supports a broad range of charities, non-profits, educational initiatives and pro-Israel advocacy groups through donations, networking and providing guidance to these organizations. Adam Milstein also works at a real estate development company located in California that is called Pacific Hager Properties. Mr. Milstein and his family also call California their home. Below is a brief synopsis of an article published by Adam Milstein at the Huffington Post in June of 2016.

The Israeli-American Council led by Adam Milstein have brought new high-tech solutions to California’s drought problem. Israel is a country that has a scarce supply of water as part of its natural resources. As a result, Israeli scientists, farmers, and engineers have had to develop innovative and clever ways to conserve, use and obtain water. Israel now has an abundance of water despite much of the country being a desert.

With California’s supply of water now being unreliable, city, state, and county officials must find ways to deal with a dwindling water supply and a rising population. What better way to find solutions to their drought problem, then a country whose people have managed to turn a desert green and bring water from the seas into cities?

To underscore how deep the bond between Israel and the state of California has become when it comes to exchanging knowledge and technology regarding farming, water use, and natural resource conservation, Governor Jerry Brown of California has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The memorandum, which is driven by groups such as the Israeli-American Council and its sister organization the Israeli-American Nexus, will help support innovation that can benefit both Californians and Israelis solve their environmental problems and improve farming. Another important landmark agreement was between the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space. The agreement signals cooperation between two of the world’s leading organization in stem cell research. Breakthroughs in stem cell research can help find a cure for various forms of cancers.

UKV PLC Links To Customers Via Social Media

UKV PLC may be growing in popularity across the world but this group of vintners has remained small and specialists in their field as they seek to bring the best possible advice and information about fine wines in terms of collecting, investing, and drinking.

The small size of the team at UKV PLC means each individual client can get the personal service they require when making decisions about which fine wine to enjoy for their own specific reasons.

The high quality of the information provided by UKV PLC is backed up with a move to bring first class information and enjoyment about wine tasting, collecting, and investing to customers and potential customers via the social media presence these U.K. vintners have developed over recent years. A major development for UKV PLC has been the high quality information provided through a Facebook account that tends to bring the latest news and developments for the wine industry to make sure every aspect of enjoying fine wines can be researched at the leisure of customers, clients, and those who simply have an interest in the industry as a whole.

Follow UKV PLC on Twitter.

Across the world followers of UKV PLC can develop their own knowledge of the wine industry with a focus on both the U.K. and the global stage, which can result in a better educated and informed group of clients who can work with UKV PLC experts to develop their wine collections. UKV PLC are looking to highlight the beauty of wines and develop a lifestyle based approach to wine collecting that shows how successful any person can be in creating a fine wine collection.

Doe Deere- Article Recap

She always believed in the idea that there was no such thing as a dream too big. So when Doe Deere moved to New York City from Russia, even though she was only 17, she wasn’t afraid to pursue her dream of being a musician. From 1998-2012, Doe lived in Brooklyn where she eventually found her band mates. Through her time with the band, she learned how to market and self-promote, which would later help her in marketing and the promotion of LimeCrime. When she was 13, she created her first small business where she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates and friends. Doe has always loved being original and standing out, which is why she wanted to create LimeCrime. After years of being unable to find the bright, fun colors she loved as well as makeup that was vegan and cruelty-free, she just decided to make it herself. Always following her heart and going towards what she loves made this move a no-brainer. The heart wants what it wants and Doe’s heart wanted bright makeup. When Doe launched LimeCrime, the first digitally native makeup brand, she realized that she wasn’t alone in her love for bright colors. The shared love of bright colors is what initially made LimeCrime a success; of course the quality and certified vegan and cruelty-free stamps helped as well. Fearless self-expression and freedom to be unique are what Doe hopes to inspire and share with LimeCrime. Through hard work and dedication, LimeCrime has developed a cult-like following and taken the Internet by storm. A leader in setting digital trends, Doe has developed a brand that others desperately want to imitate but fail to duplicate. For Doe and LimeCrime, it’s not just about makeup. It’s about being able to get in touch with yourself and finding the confidence to be able to express yourself in any way you feel. For anyone that has ever felt alone in the Universe, LimeCrime makeup is a reminder to those that everyone has a special place in this world.


Vijay Eswaran Uses Multilevel Marketing To Help Millions

At the recently completed 8th World Chinese Economic Forum Malaysian entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran, the QI Group’s executive chairman, was given the “Lifetime Achievement Award in Global Entrepreneurship”. The Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute organized the forum which the Melaka State Government hosted. Learn more about more Vijay Eswaran:

The award was presented to Eswaran by the state of Melaka’s governor H.E. TYT Tun Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob. Dignitaries from Indonesia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand and various regional organizations were present at the forum and congratulated Mr. Eswaran.

First introduced in 2011 by the ASLI, the Lifetime Achievement Awards honors people for the significant fundamental contributions they have made in their respective fields. Eswaran said he was honored and humbled by being given the award and feels he has much more to achieve and give.

He explained that the entire QI Group deserved credit for the award and he thanked them for their support. He also thanked his family for creating the foundation on which he stands.

Vijay Eswaran also participated in a panel discussion earlier in the day that dealt with education and training. He spoke on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for driving sustainable growth.

An entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, Vijay Eswaran is best known for helping to build one of the largest and most successful multilevel marketing companies in the world. Started in 1998 in the Philippines, the company now has it’s headquarters in Hong Kong and branches in dozens of countries. The QI Group markets luxury, telecommunications, wellness, travel, training and corporate investment products.

He had gone from a working-class background in Penang, Malaysia to becoming one of Asia’s richest men because of learning about multilevel marketing while he was working and going to school in the UK during the 1980s.

And he has used it to help millions of people in Asia, the Middle East and Africa get out of crushing poverty and improve the quality of their lives.

Securus Technologies Is Into Public Safety

There are companies in the safety field that do very well, but none as well as Securus Technologies. The company is the leader in the field, and they are respected all around the world for their excellence at what they do on a regular basis. They have done a tremendous amount of good for the country and the world by creating safety technologies that work very well. They are interested in making the world a safer place for all people, and they continually work on creating more technologies that make sure that this happens. Their employees are professionals that complete their duties in remarkable ways. They are dedicated to making the world an even safer place to be on regular basis. With all that this company can accomplish, it surely will succeed at what they wish to do.


They have created the Wireless Containment Solution as their latest invention, which is used to combat crime. The crimes are committed from correction facilities when they access the wireless networks. They use cell phones and other devices to contact people that will help them with the illegal activities.


The company has invited the public to come and see what they do in person. They will be given a tour and presentation at the Dallas, TX site, so that they can understand how important the work that the company does. The will also have the chance to ask questions if they have any. This way they can see the technologies that they are inventing on a weekly basis to keep the public safe. They will understand why the company is so important and respected all around the world.


They are in demand all around the nation, and the government uses them continuously for work in their correction facilities. In the future, they are sure to make even more successes that will keep the public safer than ever before.



Saturate Your Lips With A Unique Moisture Blend That Will Have Your Lips Looking And Feeling Good

Shea butter provides a unique blend of organic protection for your lips that is chosen ten to one over their competitors. In fact, EOS lip balm products are chosen over Chapstick products becaue of their hypoallergenic contents. They’re infused with a rich shea butter content that provides all natural products and a rich blend of moisture every time. You have the option of nourishing your lips with a one of a kind blend that is a favorite among Facebook popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

Take Control Over Dull Dry Lips With Evolution Of Smooth

Transform your lips with a leading EOS beauty care product including Evolution of Smooth. Surprisingly, they provide a unique blend of all natural ingredients with a shea butter base. Customers also have the option of having rich contents that include vitamin C and E along with eleven essential amino acids. Nourish your lips with long lasting protection that won’t require multiple applications throughout the day. You’ll never want to go back to your former lip care regimen with you experience the benefits of Evolution of Smooth.

Delectable Flavors

– Mint Kisser

– Lemon Drop

– Almond Milk

– Original EOS

– Wild berry

Passion Honeydew

– Sorbet

– Raspberry:

and more….

In fact, don’t just use one use them all. You can get ultra smooth lips when and where you need coverage. Their individually packaged pastel containers are a favorite among their users. You can easily identity their products from the others. Are you interested in promotional offers and free shipping with EOS lip balm products? Visit the Evolution of Smooth website or for more details.